What is this?

Yeppers is a site that generates unique links to vote «YEP» or «NOPE». Such a link, sent to contacts via any messaging or mail app, allows recipients to put in their name or anonymously vote «YEP» or «NOPE». All votes for a unique link are listed on its status page. This makes it easy to figure out who or how many of your friends are up for drinks after work or join in for a BBQ on the weekend.

How does it work?

www.yeppers.ch Generate unique link.

Copy unique link to messaging app or mail using buttons or copy/paste.

Before or after pasted the unique link in your app or mail, complete the message with a question that your friends can answer by voting «YEP» or «NOPE». Send message with link to your friends. (E.g.: «Are you up for drinks tonight 7pm at Joe’s pub? http://yeppers.ch/rr9Lib»)

Clicking the link in your message, this is what your friends do: Jump to a page where they can put in their name or not and click either the big «YEP» or «NOPE» button.

Clicking «View Results» shows a list of all «YEP» and «NOPE» votes.

Who’s behind it?

Robin Oster: Development & Prototyping
HEYNEW: Strategy & Prototyping

We are looking forward to getting your feedback: hello@yeppers.ch

What’s the point?

HEYNEW is devoted to quickly realize and try new ideas. A tangible form is the only way to really explore how people experience and interact with an idea. It makes it possible to discover latent potentials – or problems.
Robin Oster passionately develops applications. Applications are a fascinating format because it is possible to quickly implement and develop fresh ideas.

Yeppers is just such an idea. It had to be quickly tried out. We realized that quite often invitations to after-work drinks were answered with a «maybe».
What if our friends would only answered «YEP» or «NOPE»?